Common B2B Marketing

Do you know how to address the 97% of the market that is not ready to buy now? 🧐

In today's short, let me share with you one of the biggest mistakes B2B marketers and founders make 🙀

Why B2B Campaigns Tend To Fail

The failure of cold campaigns can often be broken down into a simple issue that lies in segmentation.

It has to do with:

Not understanding the famous demand generation triangle created by Chet Holmes, writer of the Ultimate Sales Machine book.

According to him, for any given B2B market: there are only 3% of prospects in the market right now, ready to buy the solution you have to offer.

About 6-7% are open to buying your product or services someday.

That is 10%... which isn’t bad if you want to look at it from the bright side.


what about the rest of the people you are reaching out to?

They fall into the following 3 buckets:

- 30% are not thinking about what you have to offer; 

- 30% think they aren’t interested;

- 30% know they aren’t interested.

key insights and trends to optimize your business-to-business marketing approach

Are you ever:

  • Wondering why just switching on a sales campaign for your B2B product isn’t working?

Revise these stats.

  • Wondering why cold calling isn’t bringing the results you were hoping for?

Revise these stats.

Wondering why cold-emailing a bunch of people isn’t giving you the responses you were hoping for?

Revise these stats.

The problem may very well lie in addressing 100% of your target market the way you should a mere 3%.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t talk to the other 97%.

It just means that you should segment your prospects by:

  • what stage they are at in » understanding their problem and what solutions are available

  • how and where they prefer to be contacted » what channel and what message works

  • what job your product/service does for them » Excel may act as a CRM for some companies and as a way to remember internal birthdays to others

Think through your current outbound campaigns based on the above and let me know if you’ve any questions.

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